Burnout Prevention and Targeted Intervention

Burnout workshop: Understand, Anticipate and Prevent Emotional Exhaustion and Compassion Fatigue.

In a meta-analysis of over 100 burnout interventions, it was found that the interventions (regardless of type, profession, etc.) did NOT work. By the time companies noticed employees were burned out and attempted to implement interventions, it was too late.

Knowledge is step one of any preventative initiative. This workshop provides participants with a working understanding of how burnout may present in their life and their work. Knowing how burnout arises will allow individuals and organizations to engage in interventions early, significantly lessening the likelihood of burnout leading to psychological distress, decreased productivity, or employee turnover.

This workshop utilizes participant knowledge of self to then lean into interventions that can be utilized individually or collectively with a goal of lessening the exponential growth that is endemic to burnout.

As burnout is an individualized experience, so too is the most effective response. This workshop will aid participants in identifying and naming their personalized burnout trajectory AND meaningful, effective interventions targeted to their individualized needs.

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Running Time: 90 minutes
Comma separated keywords : burnout, turnover, mental health, well-being, sick days, emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, reduced accomplishment,
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Intro Session
Listing created Feb 9, 2023

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