Inclusive Leadership - The Immigrant View.

Our nation’s workforce is fast-changing and every leader must adapt.  Over the past 5 years, Canada has welcomed over 1.5 million immigrants. 6 out of 10 are economic migrants with years of professional experience, education, and exposure. With immigration targets increasing to 500,000 newcomers per year (by 2025), immigrants will make up 30% of Canada’s population by 2036.
While these economic migrants are considered the best of the best from their countries, many still have a hard time finding jobs that fully utilize the skills and talents that they bring. Even after finding great opportunities, data tells us that 41% of immigrants reported a high level of stress at the office while many are considered underemployed or unemployed.
To remain competitive and achieve industry leadership, companies must learn to not only welcome educated and experienced immigrants in their work-force, but also equip their leaders with the necessary skills to deliver results through their culturally diverse teams. This workshop is the definitive guide to creating an inclusive culture where every person, immigrant and non- immigrant, can bring their best self to work to drive business results.

Running Time: 2 hours
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