Transform how you lead, sell and succeed in work and life

Listening sits at the heart of disruption.
Creativity. Collaboration. Connection.
Self-awareness. Consciousness. Humanity.
Root-cause problem-solving. Resilience. Selling.
Unfortunately, most people, including leaders, don’t know how.

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Who is this session for:
Leaders at all levels, salespeople, customer service reps, product developers, IT professionals, HR professionals. All humans welcome.

Being a leader is complex. Today more than ever. How should today’s leaders be navigating? What does effective – and responsible – leadership look like when uncertainty and disruption are a constant? What does it take to thrive and outperform - sustainably? In all parts of the organization.

Consider this. Of the 2,500 business leaders surveyed in McKinsey’s recent, The State of Organizations 2023, “only 25% of respondents say their organizations’ leaders are engaged, are passionate, and inspire employees to the best possible extent.” And the voices of all displeased shareholders get louder daily. This means something isn’t working.

How can organizations evolve to meet the needs of our current reality and outperform?

Outperforming starts with reimagining how we lead. And it all starts with listening.

Following The Listening Path®, this game-based workshop/series of workshops starts with the foundational tools needed for listening, and through several modules, including storytelling, builds to expert levels of listening required for sophisticated conflict management and root-cause problem-solving.

Are you ready to elevate your team’s listening game?

Help them develop the power of deep understanding made possible only through listening. Arm them with the tools needed to lead, sell, and collaborate – today and tomorrow. One small shift in leadership behavior can have an outsized impact. One that allows teams to outperform. Inspire. And reimagine the future.

“We engaged Christine to assist our Executive Team to help them problem solve better. Through her curriculum, they went from a team that spoke over one another to a more connected team with better listening skills by using The Listening Path®. Kelly Sanfedele, Director of Human Resources, Binsky & Snyder

What your audience leaves with:
Christine Miles engages her audiences with humor, stories, and hope and this workshop leaves them ready to have different kinds of conversations. Including difficult ones. Conversations with themselves. Their teams. Their customers. Their loved ones. Conversations that invite the views of others. That elevate performance. That elevate our humanity.

Additional Information:
1. This workshop is typically conducted over a day and a half and includes a virtual reinforcement session(s).
2. Virtual pricing is reduced.

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Intro Session
Live via Zoom
Live in Person
Running Time: Multiple days
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Listing created May 17, 2023

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