Stay Calm – Stay in Business!

Stress is the most common cause of sick leave today, even for leaders.

A virtual workshop for Leaders. Go from stress to calm, effectiveness, growth, success, revenue, and hitting your goals!

"How do I keep myself and my team healthy, happy and productive?" - you ask.

Here is my answer: Book me for a fully customized Workshop to help you and your team reduce stress, avoid burnout, improve relations and co-work, and find fantastic energy, joy, and happiness in the workplace. Build a firm foundation for growth and success.

What's included:

What is in it for your business?
o Increased productivity
o New ideas
o Healthier and happier employees
o Improved workflow
o A healthier leader (you!)

What is in it for your team?
o Lower Stress and anxiety levels
o Happiness at work
o Raised self-awareness
o Increased team spirit
o Improve health

Everyone knows about the negative effects from stress, but nobody does anything because the problem is seemingly so large. “If we don’t tell, no one will notice” they´ll say. And we are talking about mental stuff. Who wants to be connected with mental stuff? A real no-no in the tough business world.

I have found an answer to this challenge. Stress is a natural part of life. Taking things down to earth makes it both fun and easy to tackle, piece by piece, defeating the stress. When you know how – and I will show you.

In this workshop, we will not only look at stress from a human body&mind perspective but also look at the communication, workflow and structure at the workplace to optimize productivity and minimize risks of accidents and illness.

This workshop can also be transformed into a longer, up to 90 minute, Inspirational talk for your events. And the subject can be expanded to a half-day or full-day training. Send request for proposal. If you want it as in-person talk or workshops, travel costs are added.

Discover more about my practice in this free video masterclass here

Elevate Level :
Delivery type:
Intro Session
Live via Zoom
Live in Person
Running Time: 60 minutes
Listing created May 19, 2023

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