Reacting to Responding: Shifting Your Response In Life Challenges

This topic delves into the common human tendency to react rather than respond to life's challenges, and how it impacts our well-being. Participants will gain insights into the neuroscience behind reactive behaviors and explore mindfulness practices that foster a more thoughtful and measured response. By understanding the importance of mindfulness in regulating the nervous system, attendees will acquire practical tools to navigate stress, increase resilience, and create a positive work environment. As a speaker with a background in mindfulness training, I provide evidence-based strategies to help individuals cultivate emotional intelligence and adaptive coping skills.

Delivery type:
Intro Session
Live via Zoom
Live in Person
Running Time: 90 minutes
Comma separated keywords : masterclass, nervous system, scarcity, calm, connection, workplace, teamwork, kindness, mindfulness, wellness
Listing created Sep 13, 2023

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