Mark Oliver

Cambridge University, British Army Officer, International Leadership Facilitator & Coach

Mark is an expert in motivation, human decision making & intelligence, leading change, and applying thinking to complex arenas (see him on primetime media: )

For over 30 years Mark has worked with companies and senior executives to achieve their purpose and improve their profit through enhancing performance and productivity.Educated at Cambridge University, followed by the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and the Royal School of Military Engineering, Mark began his career as a combat and chemical engineer.

His first role was in the Britain’s 5 Airborne Brigade, where he was a jungle warfare and helicopter-abseil instructor, and qualified demolitions officer for 11 years before moving into the business world for thirty years.

An author of three books on motivation and leadership, Mark has taught in multicultural environments with 60 different nationalities across six continents. For over 30 years Mark has been helping leaders globally to turn disengaged and unproductive staff into high-performing teams.

Worked with: Oracle, ANZ Bank, Origin Energy, ETH Zurich University, CSL Behring

My inspiring life lessons: To lead better we have to change ourselves and this change is about becoming more of who we are – not less! It starts with self-awareness and this is the key difference between leadership and management courses. Management can be improved through cognitive lessons, tools and techniques, whereas leadership courses have to look at more profound self-awareness which inevitably takes us out of our comfort zone. Once there, it becomes apparent that a necessary condition for leadership is selflessness and clear why for leadership motivation is more important than ability

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