Mark O**

Cambridge University, British Army Officer, International Leadership Facilitator & Coach

Mark is an expert in human motivation, decision making, learning, coaching, intelligence, and innovative leadership development.

He has personally experienced the difference leadership makes in both military and commercial environments – from SMEs to Global organisations. For over 30 years Mark has been helping leaders around the world turn disengaged and unproductive staff into high-performing teams

For over 30 years Mark has worked with companies and senior executives to achieve their purpose and improve their profit through enhancing performance and productivity. Educated at Cambridge University in chemical engineering, followed by the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and the Royal School of Military Engineering, Mark began his career as a combat and civil engineer.

His first role was in UK’s 5 Airborne Brigade, where he was a jungle warfare instructor and helicopter-abseil despatcher, and qualified demolitions and watermanship officer for 11 years and served around the world, before moving into the business world for thirty years.

An author of three books on intelligence, motivation and leadership, Mark has taught in many multicultural environments with 60 different nationalities across six continents. He has found the best ways to boost leadership intelligence using deep principles of human nature in effective yet efficient ways.

WORKED WITH CLIENTS INTERNATIONALLY - including: Cisco Systems, Oracle, ANZ Bank, Philips Asia-Pacific, IAG, Petronas, Origin Energy, Telstra, Telkom Indonesia, Pfizer, CSL Behring, Oxford University, ETH Zurich University, Deloitte, etc

My Purpose:

To improve the motivational leadership of individuals and organisations globally in order to
create a level of authentic leadership which changes the world for the better

My inspiring life lessons: Developing our leadership means improving ourselves, which means changing ourselves. Since none of us will ever become perfect, there is scope to “grow our leadership” forever or at least until we decide to stop. It is often said: "leadership is a journey". But where is it to? I now realise it is to the greater serving, saving and coaching of others. In essence it is about becoming more selfless. So when it comes to leadership; motivation and attitude are much more important than ability

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Thank you Mark, and I look forward to seeing your presentation that I am sure will help many companies and countless number of leaders! Your experience and wisdom needs to be share a wide as possible.

Thank you Mark for the good peer-review!

Mark manages to make complex topics sound simple. His decision making topic has allowed me to vastly improve on my decision making capacity by making me more aware of the type of things I'm most likely to overlook to my detriment.