Michel Venne

CEO, Former international athlete and coach, Expert in Human Optimization

Michel is a coach, speaker and ICF instructor specializing in human optimization.

Michel coaches leaders and professionals to improve and unite the mental, physical and spiritual aspects in a powerful combination of optimization and well-being. His decades of experience as an international athlete, top professional trainer and osteopath combine with an industrial relations degree to give him an unmatched ability to lead others to success. He is the co-founder and director of Azzuan, the first collaborative wellness center in Quebec.

My inspiring life lessons: Escape from stress, illness or failure is not an end in itself, but a step that every person or company has the opportunity to take quickly. The keys are simple: think, put in the effort and immerse yourself in optimization from all angles.

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This was a fantastic experience. Michel is such a great 360 thinker and a wise person. I got so much out of just one hour and it has set me on a path to positivity and achievement.

Robert Clarke about listing Discover your best 360 Self 2 months ago.