Chris Toledo

My name is Chris Toledo, keynote communicator, story teller, multilingual speaker that helps organizations improve and develop a culture of positosis (positivity).

Chris’ trademarked Positosis™, is a mindset reset that transforms life's experiences into personal and professional success, by training and retraining YOUR brain, to scan for the positive FIRST, to shift first, into a positive mindset.

A former professional basketball player abroad, television host, Chris is no stranger to the spotlight. With a host of experiences ranging from being the on air host of “The Reebok City Jam Television Show”, in association with ESPN, Universal Studios Orlando, Reebok International, to working with Club Med International, from the Caribbean, to the south pacific, middle east and Europe, Chris Toledo's energy will entertain and delight your audience, giving essential Positosis skills for personal and professional success.

Chris’s keynote, “The Positosis Mindset”, teaches and demonstrates tips and tools to tap into YOUR Positosis Mindset, on command. With his unique brand of storytelling that has a natural ebb and flow, a signature style, and cadence, his presentations are informative, exciting, engaging and INTERACTIVE.

My inspiring life lessons: Positivity is where it starts, Mindset is how you proceed.

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What a powerful presentation! Through a change in mindset, my team hopes to increase sales exponentially in the coming year. We look forward to hearing you speak again at our national conference in Detroit this summer.

Mark R about listing Positive Mindset Reset-2023 1 day ago.

Chris is such a positive, inspiring being! I really appreciate the way he opens up about his own experience and shares a whole new way of thinking and filtering one’s thoughts to take any challenge and create a whole new perspective and course of action. Chris is truly so gifted in his creativity, communication, and infectious style and way of being. If you’re on a path of positive transformation (or looking for one), I highly recommend working with Chris!

Ali F about listing Positive Mindset Reset-2023 5 days ago.

“The take away for me, was the realization that every individual has the potential and ability to make a decision to reset their mindset into believing that absolutely any of their personal and professional experiences (even seemingly tough ones) can be transformed to provide fuel to move us forward. Chris provides evidence and life stories about how our own minds can set us on a path of opportunity. He has a special talent to inspire and help the rest of us shine.”

Tamara Elliott – Author/Educator

Tamara E about listing Positive Mindset Reset-2023 7 days ago.