Orly A

In addition to being a great professional speaker, and a great networker for the past ten years, she has helped Public Speakers create their Business Model for Public Speaking.

Her gift is to show them how to monetize their craft by taking it seriously and having what she calls “Business in A Box for Public Speakers.” Thereby teaching them how to fish.

Orly dedicated her life to impacting the lives of 200,000,000 people by April 2025 by helping them realize their own mission-based goals and dreams.

Her extensive experience as a Certified Behavioral Analyst has made her indispensable as a coach to many influential corporate leaders. Orly speaks three languages fluently and has earned her MBA and Law Degree. Despite her impressive education and success as a businesswoman, Orly remains remarkably humble, authentic, and a very engaging speaker.

My inspiring life lessons: Share you story... Because the Life you Save, may never be able to thank you

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