Patty M

HR is in my blood! All businesses need HR from time to time. My clients never call for the easy things, they call me for the "interesting" things. Humbly and proudly, my HR expertise is deep and diverse. I was the HR Manager for 5 years at Rockwell Automation and then a Senior HR Advisor for 13 years for clients across North America. Not being in the same four walls of one company has provided me with neutrality and the exceptional opportunity to deliver solid HR Solutions fast for the health of your business.

Becoming a Leadership coach was a natural next step.

I am a certified Profiler with Core Values Index; CVI is the only assessment on the planet with a repeat score reliability of 97%. Other assessments like Myers Briggs, DISC, Profiles etc, only come in at 60-80%. I will show you the stripes of your tiger! This is perfect for Leadership training, succession planning, intelligent downsizing and business optimization - getting people on the right bus AND the right seat. I am also certified in Positive Intelligence and The Leadership Circle. Let's talk!

My inspiring life lessons: The power of the mind is everything. I believe we were put here to be happy. Do everything to protect your happiness and live your best life!

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