Pamela Stambaugh

I have been fortunate enough for the past 25 years as President, Founder of Accountability Pays Inc. to focus on leadership mastery, specifically coaching and training senior leaders and their teams in global, small and mid-sized companies across many industries. Dubbed a Behavioral Change Master, the moniker stuck! I have spoken and trained on every continent except Antarctica, focusing on behavioral change to level up leadership performance. Since Covid I have been providing an Emerging Leader Accelerator (6 month program) and created an on-line leadership mastery course, "Success Accelerators for Time Challenged Leaders", customizable to specifically address emotional intelligence, succession planning, employee engagement, and productivity and performance, and profitability.

Personal: Married, living in downtown San Diego, walking to most social events and restaurants! Walking + swimming + Pilates keep me sane, healthy and fit!

My inspiring life lessons: Either/or conversations are polarizing us! I champion both/and, paradoxical leadership. When speaking to the need for both/and conversations, 65% of 150 HR executives on said they learned something new and valuable.

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