Renee Rosales

Neurodiversity - Trainer/Presenter/Coach/Consultant/Subject Matter Expert

Renee Rosales, an accomplished transformational leader with 24 years of success managing high-quality programs in dynamic environments, is an educator, entrepreneur, and transformational leader. She is the co-founder of two of virtual schools in Arizona and the founder of Theara, a business designed to support the Neurodiverse from cradle to grave. Renee is a prolific writer and experienced contributor with features in,,,,, and more. She is a renowned Keynote, offering inspiration and insight to schools, universities, and corporate clients. Rosales was recently honored as a _Top 50 Global Neurodiversity Evangelist.

Renee has devoted her life and career to educating and inspiring as many as she is able to live more effective, equitable, and empowered lives. She designed Theara to support +Environmental, Social, and Governance* standards and is well-versed in the associated SEC regulatory framework. Renee's unique Acronym-Based Communication system is focused on building interpersonal connections and intrapersonal development, creating a more inclusive world. Her desire is to provide a direct and sure path to efficacy, equity, and empowerment for the Neurodiverse.

Renowned for her refreshing perspective, Renee is revolutionizing education, bringing her mother-heart to the table, and offering hope, possibility, and belonging to the Neurodiverse. Her inspiring lectures and keynote speeches have left a profound impact on her audiences, including Stanford Medical School, The Efficiency B Podcast, and Neurodiverse Love Podcast. Described as "an INCREDIBLE person, woman, mom, wife, advocate and friend" and "single-handedly inspired my students in THE MOST MEANINGFUL lecture they have heard in their graduate program to date," Renee is an inspiring figure, offering valuable insights on current DEI practices to human resource personnel. With the right amount of education and determination, Renee believes anything is possible.

My inspiring life lessons: My inspiring life lesson: Be the B.R.I.D.G.E.! Life is full of obstacles and challenges, and maintaining the right perspective is key to our success. Bridges create connections and eliminate barriers. To journey forward I focus on Building for Bounty, Relating thru Recognition, Integrating for Impact, Developing through Demonstration, Gathering for Gain, and Engaging for Efficacy. I believe in being the change I want to see!

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