Rob Salafia

Speaker, Executive Coach, Catalyst for Personal Transformation

Specialties: Executive presence, influence, leadership storytelling, empathic leadership

Rob combines two decades of experience as a top leadership development executive with a well-established career in the performing arts. He has a passion for coaching leaders to develop their presence, establish authentic connections, and tell compelling stories. He is the author of – Leading From Your Best Self: Develop Your Executive Poise, Presence, and Influence to Maximize Your Potential (McGraw-Hill).

Worked with: Pepsi, Alexion, MIT Sloan School of Management

My inspiring life lessons: We are all longing for a sense of meaning and belonging. Life doesn’t come with a formula or an instruction book, but reflection and experimentation can lead us to understand who we are now and what is most important to us. It's time to take charge of our personal growth and development.

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