Ruth O

Ruth brings an enormous depth and wide perspective to the field of well-being and personal development.

Alongside more traditional methods Ruth has a wealth of experience as a meditation teacher and self-esteem and mindset coach, which means her clients receive coaching and education that is not only practical and applicable but also deeply insightful and life-changing.

Having seen the high levels of stress, burnout, ill health, and discontent people have as they struggle with juggling their careers, family, and personal lives - and having lived through serious illness within her own family, Ruth took her vast knowledge and experience and developed programmes to address these problems. She is dedicated to helping the workforce integrate self-care and well-being as essential aspects of a successful life. Her vision is that people have the skills and tools to maintain high levels of mental and physical health, so they feel energised, confident, capable, resilient, and happy, and can unlock their full potential and enjoy success.

Ruth has studied under the masters of mindset and meditation and is a fully certified meditation teacher - trained under Dr. Richard Miller, psychologist, and Yogic scholar of the Integrative Restoration InstituteĀ®. She's an Accredited Coach, Thought Field Therapy practitioner, and Yoga teacher.

A leader in her field, Ruth is a sought-after facilitator, speaker, and coach in the area of well-being, mindset, and potential. She brings Eastern wisdom and Western science together in a no-nonsense, easy-to-understand way, and has worked with individuals and teams in a vast range of industries, covering NFP (Not-For-Profit), and public and private companies.

Ruth is passionate about teaching scientifically backed practices, providing online resources, and offering professional coaching that empowers people to advocate for their own health and well-being.

"Ruth conducts her sessions in an inclusive manner with a personal touch. Her sessions are educational, practical, engaging, and fun. Ruth is a highly accomplished leader and a great facilitator. Whether new to the subject of well-being or an old hand, I am sure that your personal growth will flourish. I have completed both group programs and one-to-one coaching and highly recommend both."
Paul Missen

My inspiring life lessons: Your ability to unlock your full potential is directly influenced by your level of well-being.

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Ruth gave lots of excellent ideas and advice throughout the session.