Sabina V

Sabina understands only too well the pressures and challenges teams face – especially in this ever evolving landscape. A highly experienced Mindfulness Executive coach, speaker and workshop facilitator, Sabina delves into her deep experience, to tailor her messages to match your conference theme.
A sought after, polished keynote speaker, Sabina’s unique style of delivery complemented by active audience participation, enables powerful messages to be not only delivered seamlessly but be well received and comprehended. Her calm and straight talking style coupled with an uncanny ability to read the room, has audiences actively responding to her appeal to navigate the workplace in a more conscious way, inspired to expand on their own potential and become the best version of themselves – at work and at home.
Sabina is the perfect choice if you’re seeking a speaker who will both charm your audience with light humour AND sow the seeds for transformative behaviour. Engaging, energetic and effervescent. If you’re ready to have everyone talking about your conference, for all the right reasons, Sabina is the speaker for you.

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