Sana Akhand

Sana Akhand is a Founder, Speaker, and Writer on a mission to inspire people live their most authentic lives.

Akhand hit all the success boxes. Married at 25, 6-figure career before 30, beautiful condo in Brooklyn, NY with a dog, but she felt completely unfulfilled. She realized she was living a life she thought she was supposed to live, not a life that felt authentically aligned to who she really is.

So at 30 years old, she quit her 6-figure job in New York City to travel the world. Created Friendship Club, a community in NYC for young professionals to make friends outside of the workplace, and even lived apart together with her husband to reignite their love and connection.

Through all of these life pivots, she realized nothing external can give her the peace, joy, and happiness she deeply craved. The true journey was going within. Unlearning limiting beliefs, societal & cultural norms, and learning who she authentically is without external validation.

Through her podcast, Make Your Own Rules, and soon-to-be-released book, she discusses how connecting with your most authentic self & healing your soul can lead to a life of peace, joy, and happiness.

My inspiring life lessons: Break societal & cultural norms to create your own rules and live the life of your dreams

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