Stacy Pederson

Actress and Comedian

Stacy talks on stress management, storytelling, and on-screen presence

Stacy Pederson is an award-winning Actress, Comedian and Speaker whose life was a perpetual mess. Stacy has performed in front of thousands offering fun yet practical advice on overcoming stress, innovation, and living a life that matters. Stacy is currently the author of 3 New York Times Bestsellers she has written in her head, but yet to put down on paper. She was recently labeled as one of the “Top 10 New and Upcoming Virtual Speakers of 2021” by her Mother. (Stacy was ranked # 9.)

Worked with: The Salvation Army, Edward Jones

My inspiring life lessons: I’m now 1000% committed to helping people live a higher quality of life through lowering stress, learning how to overcome difficult circumstances, or just learning to laugh and let go more. We all have one life. It’s important to live it well.

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