Susan Renni Anderson

Susan Renni Anderson has 30 years coaching entrepreneurs and business leaders in the fields of financial services and real estate. She is the author of Christianity’s Jewish Roots: A Study of Judaism for Christians and The Path to Servant Leadership: A 12-Month Guide to Implementation.

She was hired by a real estate franchisee to help them position their company as a buyout opportunity. Susan employed her passion for servant leadership growing their company from 26 agents in one office to 65 agents in two offices. In three short years, the owners sold their real estate company to their largest competitor affording them a very comfortable retirement.

Susan is a certified John C. Maxwell certified coach, speaker, and trainer. She brings her wisdom, expertise, and experience to help entrepreneurs and business leaders struggling with employee disengagement and high turnover. By implementing Servant Leadership her clients enjoy a thriving culture with soaring customer satisfaction and continuously high profits.

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