Suzy Woo

Suzy is a consciousness and energy expert. She is a recognized international quantum spiritual healer, medical intuitive, astrologer, psychic medium, holistic psychotherapist, lecturer and entertainer.

Suzy is an inspirational spiritual leader, who shares what worked for her to rebuild her life and find success after escaping 22 years of domestic violence. She will inspire YOU to NEVER GIVE UP, and to realize how powerful you truly are! She brings her knowledge and experiential workshops on tour to share and encourage others to get in the driver's seat of life and stop sitting on the sidelines!

Areas of expertise: Energy Healing, Quantum theory, Holographical Universe, Mind-Body-Spiritual Coaching and Lifestyle, Consciousness and how it impacts physics

Demonstration of how your thoughts and environment impact your aura and chakras, Aura and Chakra health (measured and live stage demonstration)

Sound Healing: Tuning forks, Selfeggio tones, Gongs, Singing bowls, toning and your voice, Sound bath practitioner and the application of sound and vibration on the body/merdidians.

Retreats: Spiritual retreat leader. Suzy hosts massively life-changing deep spiritual retreats at the beginner and expert level.

Astrology, Chart reading, Teaching of, using astrology for teachers, wellness providers and parents. Clear, powerful indicator of behavior tendencies using an astrololgy chart

Empaths and Highly sensitive people (HSP) how to protect your energy and use your gifts to your highest advantage

Explanation of "the field of potentiality" and training how to develop spiritual connection, psychic and spiritual development

Psychic and Evidential Mediumship: Gallery readings, Reading of jewelry, pieces, photos, auras and items (also teaching how)

The power of your thoughts, Bullying, Racism, Self-Esteem, Domestic Violence, Trauma informed support, Cognitive function, Reading energy, Survivorship, Grief, PTSD, Healing from it, Recovering from addictions, COA (Children of Alcoholics), Absent parents, How to work with this population.

My inspiring life lessons: I have become the resources that I desperately needed in my darkest hour, and now teach it to the world.

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