Will W

Service is one of the most rewarding things you can commit to being to others.

I have lived a life rewarded with experiences and opportunities. My many ventures started with the idea that I was capable and believed it to be possible. I have always offered help where possible support when asked and care at all times.

My experiences include learning to drive an 18 wheeler, tracing the gas line in the oil industry, crating and boxing dynamite caps for use in the oil industry, teaching anger management classes I have served on the advisory council of the Texas Youth Commission, also advisory board of local Boys and Girls Club, local school district advisory council , West Texas Sports Commission advisory council.

My television career started from a letter simply asking a why question and that led to hosting my own 30 minute show and into broadcasting games as a play by play announcer and analyst for games on NBA TV and other sports broadcast. Even producing and hosting pre game shows.

My inspiring life lessons: Unconditional love is the most powerful universal energy shared among all that lives. Realizing this without regard to how others may love you in return, brings joy and peace to you. My morning mantra is may the words I use whether written or spoken be filled with life and success.

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