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Applied Knowledge. Elevated.

We bring together buyers and sellers of expertise

Sellers: You are an experienced, professional speaker, expert, coach (often all three, probably author, podcaster too). Being fabulous is no longer enough, because you're invisible. Marketing yourself is tough in the post-pandemic, digital era. Negotiating, transacting and receiving payment digitally is a pain.

Buyers: You want world class expertise to apply to your own business. Knowledge is no longer enough - you can find that anywhere. You need transformative speakers, coaches and experts to really push your business to the next level.

We solve for the problems of marketing, transacting, and getting paid

We work hard to find demand for your services, and then it's over to you. Business and enterprise is our prime target, marketed through LinkedIn, Google Ads, and organic social media. We bring thousands of enquiries per month to our new web environment. Our site is optimised for SEO, latency and all the other tech stuff, so you can focus on being great at what you do. Join us. Check out how it works and submit your profile for review!


The back story

Elevate started way back in 2019, and we experimented with all sorts of expert services to business, like masterclasses, learning, workshops, live virtual events and speaking. We sold a bunch of speaking gigs directly and indirectly, and figured there must be a better way.

You can see our 2.0 site at We grew from a few people to 100 experts and speakers from all over the world. We deliver applied knowledge, in the form of speaking, workshops, and hybrid sessions, globally (live or on stage). Our point of difference is a team of experts who will collaborate and combine expertise and strategy to ensure excellence in delivery. solutions are tailored to the client’s specific needs. We identify complex, layered, and ambiguous challenges quickly and design impactful strategies, providing your company with positive, resonant speaking solutions.

We talk about trending issues

Diversity, equity, and inclusion, Remote performance, Decentralized teams, Mental health, Resilience, Pace of change, Intersectionality, Creative Problem-solving, Innovation, Anticipating the Future, Purpose, and Integrity, Empathic leadership, Staff retention, Energy and motivation, Sustainability, Digital transformation, Connected relationships, Mindset and Imposter Syndrome, Stress management....and just about everything else.